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Portable version with a wheelbarrow
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Portable version with a wheelbarrow

Portable version with a wheelbarrow

In this version, the user carries the gas in a wheelbarrow with 13 kg of gas. This wheelbarrow also allows carrying the flame weeding machine and a garbage box. There is also an automatic unroll pipe gas (10m) on this machine. The big wheel (60 cm diameter) one the front allows to go everywhere. The flame weeding machine works with an ergonomic command handles, which manages the ignition and the stop of the flame diffuser. A rechargeable battery (used to turn on the gas) allows 15 hours autonomy. The bell (external part of the flame diffuser), turns around any obstacle.

Option: carriage tools support

All of the models are delivered with a support for the gas bottle, directions, conformity certificate, security fluorescent jacket, battery charger, baldric, relief valve and an adjustment ergonomic spanner.

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Performance table

Gas Gaseous propane
Treatment Width 20 cm
Working speed 1,5 to 2,5 km/hour
Gas pressure 0,8 à 1,2 bars
Weight (empty) 6 kg
Gas pipe length 10 m
Autonomy 13 hours
Working power 11 à 17 kw
Consumption 0,8 to 1,2 Kg/hour

Then, the yield of the flame weeding machine is:

Speed progress (m/h) x  Width of the treatment(m) = m²/h

2500 x 0,4 = 1000m²/h for 1 flame diffuser (so, for 2 flame diffuser 2000m²/h)
Gas quantity 13 kg
Max working time 13 h
Treated area 200 x 0,2 = 400 m²/hour
Total area treats with 13 kg of gas 5200 m² ( 0,52 ha)
Price for a professional
P13 = 23,93 € all taxes included
4,60 €/a *
Price for an individual
P13 = 27,50 € all taxes included (the bottle)
5,28 €/a *

**Example: 1a= 1000m²

All of these information are only indication, and can be modified without advance notice.

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