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Automatic Driver walker Weeder
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Automatic Driver walker Weeder

This electric automatic machine has one flame diffuser of 50cm diameter. It has 3 positions of working: left; middle; right.
It can have in option many fold flame diffusers of 1m wide.
The drive handle is auto adjustable, depending of the morphology of the user. It has this next functions:

  • Speed selection
  • Change-over switch
  • Flame diffuser start
  •  Emergency stop button 

The height of the flame diffuser is adjustable by hand. This version is completely adapted for collectivity, sport center, golf... It can also be used in more specific areas like poultry stable, or to clean the snow/ice.  

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Performance table

  Bell Ø40 cm Many fold 1m wide
Gas Gaseous phase
Treatment Width 40 cm 1m
Working speed 2 à 3 km/h
Gas pressure 1,2 à 1,5 bars 0,8 à 1,2 bars
Weight (empty) 200 kg
Weight (loaded) 250 kg (2 bouteilles P13)
Autonomie 4 h (soit 7 Kg/h ) 5 h ( soit 5 kg/h )
Power 50 à 95 kw/diffuseur 50 à 85 kw/h

Then, the yield of the flame weeding machine is:

Speed progress (m/h) x  Width of the treatment(m) = m²/h

  Bell Ø40 cm Many fold 1m wide
Quantity gas 26 kg
Max working time 4 h 5 h
Treated area 2500 x 0,4 = 1000m²/h
2500 x 1 = 2500m²/h
2500 m²/h
Total area treats with 140kg of gas 0,4 ha 1,25 ha
Price for a professional
P13 = 23,93€  all taxes included
119,65 €/ha
11,96 €/a *
38,28 €/ha
3,82 €/a *
Price for an individual
P13 = 27,5€  all taxes included (the bottle)
137,50 €/ha
13,75 €/a *
44,00 €/ha
4,4 €/a *

* *Example: 1a = 1000m²

All of these informations are only indication, and can be modified without advance notice

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