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Road and high way model
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Road and high way model

The flame diffuser is fixed on a specific frame adaptable for tractor mower arms.
It works well with this kind of machine, because the road work is linear and slow.

This version allows taking 3 bottles, on the front.

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Performance table

Gas Gaseous propane
Treatment Width 40 à 50 cm by flame diffuser
Working speed 2 à 3 km/hour
Gas pressure 0.8 à 1,2 bars
Weight (empty) 250 kg
Weight (loaded) 560 kg (3 bottles P35)
Autonomy 7,5hours (So, 7 Kg/hour by flame diffuser)
Working power 60 to 95 kw/flame diffuser (pressure 0,8 to 1,5 bars)

Calculation of the yield for one passage.

Speed progress (m/h) x  Width of the treatment(m) = m²/h

2500 x 0,4 = 1000m²/h for 1 flame diffuser (so, for 2 flame diffuser 2000m²/h)

Gas quantity 105kg
Max working time 7,5hours
Treated area 2000m²/hour
Total area treats with 140kg of gas 2,5Km/hour ** (so 5,6 kg/km)
Treatment price for a gas which cost 1€/kg  excluded taxes 6 €/km**

Example: A linear edge of a road
All of these information are only indication, and can be modified without advance notice

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