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Vine, arboriculture, nursery
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Vine, arboriculture, nursery

The machine is semi mounted and linked by the 3 point linkage at the tractor. It can support 4 bottle of gas P35 (140 Kg of gas). There are two flame diffusers on the machine, each of them with a diameter of 50 cm. It is totally adapted for any in line cultivation.  The rotative bell which is the external part of the flame diffuser allows to move around the wine stocks, trees or shrubs. The machine is mounted on a skid with a bottle holder.  The adjustment of the height is controlled by hydraulic system.  

This model has specificity, it can make 3 different tasks:

3 machines en une

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Performance table

Gas Gaseous propane
Treatment Width 40 à 50 cm by flame diffuser
Working speed 2 à 3 km/hour
Gas pressure 0.8 à 1,2 bars
Weight (empty) 250 kg
Weight (loaded) 530 kg
Autonomy 10 hours  to14 hours
Working power 60 to95 kw/flame diffuser
Min operating power 70 cv 4 wheel drive

Calculation of the yield for one passage.

Speed progress (m/h) x  Width of the treatment(m) = m²/h

2500 x 0,4 = 1000m²/h for 1 flame diffuser (so, for 2 flame diffuser 2000m²/h)

Gas quantity 140kg
Max working time 10hours
Treated area 2000m²/hour
Total area treats with 140kg of gas 5 à 6 ha **
Treatment price for a gas which cost 1€/kg  excluded taxes 24 €/ha **

Example: for a vineyard planted at 2 meters
All of these information are only indication, and can be modified without advance notice

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