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Gaseous phase
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Gaseous phase

The flame diffuser BIOMEGA® uses a Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), its name is “propane in gaseous phase”. The propane has a specificity to emit gas when the temperature is between -44 to + 50 °C.
One litre of liquid propane produces approximately 270 litres of gaseous propane.

From the liquid state to the gaseous state :

This transformation is done naturally by a thermic exchange between the wall of the tank and the volume of the liquid.

phase gazeuse Combustion Experiments with BIOMEGA® flame diffuser:

Jaulent industry is the only manufacture who has invested so far in this field. From the pictures attached, you will realize that we came to a real finished product. We have made many analysis of temperature, CO2 emissions and nitrogen dioxide. 

8 years of research to:
- Improve, secure the combustion
- Limit the gas consumption 
- Limit any emission
- Commercialize a finished product, innovative, with high performances, secure, efficient, economic and ecological.

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