Découvrez le désherbage thermique selon Jaulent Industrie
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Efficacy on weeds
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Efficacy on weeds

The flame weeding arrives to keep a correct situation of weed on 40 cm both side of the vine trees.

0 no efficacy
5  everything is weeding

Names of the weeds 0 1 2 3 4 5
Horsetail   X        
Ivy   X        
Young creeping potentilla     X X X X
Young bindweed     X X X  
Hawk weed     X X X  
Bedstraw     X X X  
Thistle 15cm     X X    
Couch grass       X X X
Dandelion       X X X
Medow grass       X X X
Groundsel       X X X
Young speedwell       X X X
Major plantain       X X  
Alfalfa       X X  
Mercury       X X  
Purslane       X    
Ranunculus       X    
Young thistle         X X
Young clover         X X
Lanceolate plantain         X X
Milk weed         X X

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