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The flame diffuser
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The flame diffuser

The flame diffuser BIOMEGA® works with propane gas. The weeding area is from 150 mm to 1450 mm of wide, depends on the model. It keeps a regular temperature in all of this area about 700° C. The weeding is done in complete security because all manipulations are done by an electrics system with a remote control.

The flame diffuser BIOMEGA® gives different applications :

  • High performance and capacity
  • Innovation
  • Rapidity
  • The rotative bell (the external part of the flame diffuser) assure a perfect proximity to the weeds and the protection of plants, trees, vine stock...

This flame weeding machine is working by the exchange air/gas with 95 % of yield. The innovation is a result of a research on the fuel and combustive circulation. All of this innovation is secured by an automatic-electronic control used to turn on the machine and for the security.

The flame diffuser materials are very high quality, with steel, fire proof stainless steel and aluminum. In consequence, the flame weeding machine is able to work for years.

Started in 1998, this project needed 6 years of intensive research and experimentation. Nowadays, the BIOMEGA® flame weeding machine is the most secure and the best performing machine in the international market. It is protected by 4 patents, and one of them is international.

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