Découvrez le désherbage thermique selon Jaulent Industrie
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JAULENT Industry realizes for you, welded assemblies. From the very small range until the middle range. Looking for almost perfect welds do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.

With an experience throughout the construction and development of our agricultural equipment in both design and implementation, we intend to put this knowledge at your service.

Some of our means:

  • Lifting capacity: 1 ton deck, 4 tons of lift.
  • 5 welder semi-automatic 400 amps water cooled and programmable.
  • Various conventional equipment for the work of various steels and alloys.
  • Automatic saw.
  • Vertical press, folding and horizontal plasma.
  • Flame cutting table.
  • Radial drill etc. ...
  • Lot 10 000 sqm.
  • Workshop of 1000 m².
  • Suite 100 sqm.
  • Board of Studies CAO-DAO.

For more information about our various services, please contact us

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