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JAULENT industries were created by Mr Gérard JAULENT in 1976 (technician in aircraft industry  during 10 years at Aerospace aeronautic mechanic), company working in the agricultural sector.

Since the 1th October 1996, the company has been modified to become "SARL JAULENT INDUSTRIE" with assets of 122 000,00€.

Its activities have began first by under-treatment and repairing agricultural machines and is today for 95 % turned in the conception and production of agricultural machines and more particulary in the plastic machines. Today, the company employs about 10 peoples.

In 1987, Mr JAULENT has created a special machine to unroll and lay platic film on the soil with mini_tunnels (patented model) ; this machine is made and sold at several hundreds units in france and abroard. At the same time, Mr JAULENT applies for a patent for a decompactor. 

Since 1987, Mr JAULENT  has applied for 30 patents.

Production Equipments

Today, the compagny has got a work and assembly shop of 1200 m² as well as its own research consultancy and commercial office (100m²). There is also a design department which use CAO -DAO informatic program


Materials for plastic handling, market gardenning and nurseries :

Step by step, the compagny has grown up : the machine are now distribuated all over France and abroad (40% of business made in export), particulary inAlgeria, Austria, South Africa, Belgium, Danemark, St Domingue, Spain, Ghana, Israël, Italy, Lebanon, Madagascar, Maroc,Portugal, Tunis, Turkey and Venezuela, Romania, Ukraine, St Pierre and Miquelon

The technologial quality of its machines made the compagny famous. Mr JAULENT' s kills, knowledge and observation sense have large part in the succes

Distinctions in professionals Exhibitions

Plastic film roller awarded a prize at SIFFEL
4 differents prizes awarded (first prize for the plastik recovery machine Récuplastik II)
Plastik recovery machine (Récuplastik) arwarded at the FIMA in Saragossa (Spain)
Award at the SITEVI ( 3 rows machine for the melon farming)
2 awarded prizes (first prize  for a new plastik recovery machine Récuplastik)
Hydraulic plastic film roller on tunnels awarded at the SIFFEL
3 rd  prize at the SIFEL for the inline nursey extractor
National prize
"Gold Sival"  for the automatic filming machines
SIFEL 2 quotationsfor a  Récuplastick V and potatoes planter
Silver trophy VINITECH 2004 for the flame weeder 
Trophy of safety SIFEL 2005 for the flame weeding weeder
3rd price Innovation Midi Pyrénées
Awarded at the INPI for innovations
Trophy of health and safety SIFEL for the multifunctions trolley

Futur :

Many parameter constrain us to change. The cultivation are in permanent evolution, our customers has to be in front of a difficult economic situation. We are working in this way to help the yield and efficacy in machine. It s for that we are always looking for new machines.

Tél. +33 (0)5 63 67 81 84 - Fax. +33 (0)5 63 67 80 30 - E-mail : info@jaulent.com

RCS 96 B 283 - 409457397 RM 82 - Siret FR 93 409 457 397 00019 - Sarl au capital de 121 959,21 €
Code APE 2830Z - Dom. Bancaire CA Sud Alliance Montanban Gambetta - Caisse d'épargne Montauban - B.P.T.P. Montauban

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